TGS MINING (M) SDN BHD has acquired extensive, worldwide experience in geotechnical and geophysical site investigations, surveys, studies, design, specification, and observation for:
•Coastal and port developments including land reclamation and beaches
•Maintenance of port approach and navigation channels, turning basins, and berths
•Civil works such as immersed tube tunnels, pipelines, and outfalls
•Minerals extraction
•Beach nourishment for the purposes of coastal defense
The global nature of TGS MINING (M) SDN BHD activities has provided a comprehensive experience of the wide variety of dredging methods and types and sizes of dredging equipment. Frequently, the reclamation (or beach nourishment) works are accompanied by structures such as revetments, to stabilize them once in place.
Again, TGS MINING (M) SDN BHD expertise in these areas is unparalleled. TGS MINING (M) SDN BHD also has experience of the survey equipment and methods used for monitoring and controlling dredging, reclamation, and spoil disposal operations as well as for the determination of quantities for payment. We utilize state-of-the-art numerical modeling software, both developed in-house and commercially available software, to model the potential impacts of the dredging and reclamation works on the wider marine environment, based on a simulation of the hydrodynamic and sediment regimes in and around dredging and reclamation works